THREE (3) chances to win a SMART Display for your school!! One: attend this event! Two: invite a friend or community member to the Coffee Tsunami Event in the afternoon!! Three: Register for the Bite-Size Learning!!!


Plus many more prizes to win!



SMART TECHNOLOGIES:  SMART Boards – most schools are familiar with them. . . . or are they?  There have been so many changes in the last couple of years that we are EXCITED to share with you the interactive collaborative experience of the NEW SMART Classroom!!  Not only will we amaze you with the new SMART Displays and Kapp IQ, the new SMART Notebook Learning Suite collaborative features will have you contributing and interacting during our session, and SMART AMP’s cloud solutions will have you totally engaged!  If you haven’t already, learn about the opportunity to purchase your first SMART Display(s) to evaluate at a reduced price using the SMART START Program. If you LOVE it as much as I think you will, you can then use the REFRESH or trade-in program to update your old SMART Boards at a reduced price!!! Also, we will be introducing our upcoming Train the Trainer opportunity entitled Bite-size Learning to ensure that your school is getting the most out of your technology investment!!!  It will be a blended learning approach of on-line certification training, regional in person workshops, monthly webinars, and Summer Summit Conference.

AUDIO ENHANCEMENT:  Have you considered audio systems in the classrooms?  Research supports the benefits of having a system in the classroom!  T.E.S.T. represents Audio Enhancement because it provides the best Return on Investment (ROI) to schools by delivering a whole classroom solution beyond their excellent audio systems.   Audio Enhancement’s classroom audio solution enhances student and teacher interactions by distributing sound evenly.  Adding AE’s EduCam360 camera to the system allows the classroom camera to connect to VIEWpath to be used as a digital learning platform designed to record, store, and share lessons for professional development, self-reflections, student review, coaching, and more.  Add the SAFE System and you have the best solution possible!  There is a SAFE System button on the teacher microphone so teachers can notify the school office and first responders of emergencies. The EduCam360 can connect to the SAFE System giving a real-time visual of the issue in the classroom [safe system uses].   Intercom, Paging, and Bell Solutions are also available options [more info]

AVIGILON:  We are SOOOO excited to announce the newest company T.E.S.T. is representing, Avigilon Security Solutions!!!  We know there are a lot of security systems available but this company caught our interest when we saw their smarter analytics solution that is unparalleled in the industry. Through the use of high definition video analytics, pattern-based analytics algorithms and teach by example capabilities, Avigilon is leading the industry in providing preventative protection through superior self-learning video analytics technology.  Avigilon designs, engineers and manufactures an “End to End” security solution from their two manufacturing locations in North America.  The Avigilon security solution consists of High Definition IP Surveillance Cameras, Video Analytics Software, Network Video Recorders, Video Management Software and an Access Control solution.  Avigilon offers 24/7 x 365 “Free” Technical support along with a “Non-Recurring” fee business model.  Resulting in a lower total cost of ownership for its clients and an unmatched level of service and support.  Avigilon’s solutions have been installed at thousands of customer sites throughout the world.  Are you thinking, "but I already have security cameras". . . . that’s great but you are still going to want to take a look at their analytics software. . . it can be added to existing systems! 

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