Many classrooms are stuck using 20th century technology in the 21st century classroom.

Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. was founded to change that. We develop technologies that empower teachers to use technology to better engage their students and help students become active participants in the classroom.

HoverCam document cameras are used in over 150,000 classrooms. The company holds several patents and U.S. Patents Pending covering key imaging technologies.

We believe:

  • Learning (and teaching) should be fun – We believe education should be highly engaging and interactive. We’re here to banish the yawns and increase the raising of hands. (Oh, I know, I know!)
  • Technology should make teaching easier – We empower teachers with technology that’s easy to use. They can take advantage of all the media available to them.
  • Technology should be affordable – No more just making due with decade-old equipment. We deliver higher performance at half the cost of the other brands. Affordable technology for every classroom, teacher and student.

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