BIte Size Learning - Cohort 1: Missoula - Monthly Schedule [click here]

BIte Size Learning - Cohort 2: Manhattan - Monthly Schedule [click here]

Workshop: Agenda [click here]

Hardware Resources

4000 Series / M600 / 600    [4000 vs 6000 - What are the differences?] 
Kapp IQ [Kapp IQ video]

Software Resources

-           SMART Ink - Desktop/Websites[SMART Ink – Desktops & Websites Video]
SMART Ink - PDF Files/Microsoft Office –  [SMART Ink Document ViewerSMART Ink – PDFs & Microsoft Office]
SMART Notebook– [How to Customize your Toolbar VIDEO
-           How to check SMART Learning Suite subscription – [How to VIDEO]

Training Resources

-           Teq Unlimited [VIDEO]
-           Teq PD Login [website]

Additional resources

I will be adding additional resources here as I am asked questions.  Please check back often.

Removing a SMART Notebook Product Key from a computer [video]