Installation Services


T.E.S.T., Inc. Installers have invested the time to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions about installation options, connections and troubleshooting - all while working from a safety-first perspective. T.E.S.T., Inc. Installers have completed a rigorous training program that tests their technical aptitude.




Staff Training & Professional Development

We offer a range of training & Professional Development courses tailored to your needs. All courses are delivered by experienced certified trainers who will pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm gained from years of experience.

Here's how it works:

  • Consultation with a trainer to find out your requirements

  • Course content developed according to your needs

  • Session delivered at your premises over half, or full day

  • Follow up to review the course and make sure learning objectives are met




Keeping up to date with maintenance means that:

  • Equipment has a higher 'up-time' i.e. equipment is available for use more of the time

  • User confidence in the technology is higher

  • Overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Is likely to be lower

  • Troubleshooting is easier as Software and Firmware is up to date

Our Typical Maintenance Visit Includes:

  • Check equipment purchased from T.E.S.T., Inc.

  • Ensuring equipment is stable and secure

    Update firmware (if necessary)

  • Calibrate and test usage

  • Advice and guidance on software updates available

  • Unlimited access to our help desk support line

Maintenance fee based on number of T.E.S.T. products per site.