HoverCam Pilot

The world's first fully integrated smart podium!  Setting the standard for the 21st century digital classroom!

Introducing the HoverCam Pilot, the world's first fully-integrated digital podium. The HoverCam Pilot is armed with a sleek 21" multi-touch screen, powerful Intel Core i5 computer running Windows, 13MP HoverCam Solo 8Plus document camera, a microphone, and wirelessly connects to any interactive flat panel display (IFPD). Face your classroom, not the board.
HoverCam CenterStage

HoverCam CenterStage

4K Interactive flat panels that fit any budget!

Makes every classroom a digital classroom.

  • 10-point multitouch
  • Built-In Android operating system
  • Shatter-resistant glass
  • Available in 65", 75", or 86"
HoverCam Pilot.jpg

HoverCam Pilot

The HoverCam Pilot is armed with a sleek multi-touch screen, powerful Intel Core i5/i7 computer running Windows, 4K document camera and microphone.

Wirelessly connected to CenterStage or any Interactive Whiteboards or Displays

Solo 8 Plus

Solo 8 Plus

HoverCam Nillo 100.png

Nillo 100

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