Keeping up to date with maintenance means that:

  • Equipment has a higher 'up-time' i.e. equipment is available for use more of the time
  • User confidence in the technology is higher
  • Overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Is likely to be lower
  • Troubleshooting is easier as Software and Firmware is up to date

Our Typical Maintenance Visit Includes:

  • Full cleaning of the equipment purchased from T.E.S.T., Inc.
  • Ensuring the equipment is stable and secure
  • Re-align projector image to board, where applicable
  • Clean interactive pen tray and test usage
  • Update firmware on board (if necessary)
  • Calibrate display and test usage
  • Advice and guidance on software updates available
  • Unlimited access to our helpdesk support line

1 Visit per year

Maintenance fee based on number of T.E.S.T. products per site.