What does it do?

The new & improved SMART kapp iQ is designed specifically for education to provide a complete “all-in-one” classroom solution catering to whole-class, small group and individual instruction.  Can be added to any 6000 series SMART Display. Direct, one-touch access to a full suite of SMART & 3rd party education applications – all without the need for external PC – promising a simple, fully integrated experience between student devices and a front-of-room interactive display.

Bringing together student devices and front-of-room displays in a meaningful, valuable, pain-free way.

It's simply magic. SMART kapp iQ™ is a new UHD display for education - and also a simple whiteboard - that enables natural real-time, multi-way collaboration. Using their mobile devices, students can contribute to on-screen content, from anywhere. Learn more: Welcome to a new era in education.